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More positives.
Zero negatives.


A more affordable education.

Z-Degree allows you to earn a full Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree while spending nothing on textbooks. This can be huge savings, averaging $2,000 or 15% off the cost of your education. That's less upfront costs, less student debt, and less obstacles standing between you and your degree.


Same education. One less obstacle.

Zero-cost textbooks give you the same, high-level education, and accompanying career advancement, as traditional books. A Z-Degree is a full Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree, recognized by employers and transferable to other schools.


A lower degree of difficulty.

Many of the zero-cost textbooks are digital, so not only do they cost nothing, they are easier to take with you and access. No more lugging heavy books from class to class. Now you’ll be able to conveniently access your course material from multiple devices.


More experience with zero-cost.

Northland has offered Z-Degree courses for longer than any college in the area. That experience means you can have confidence that you won’t be sacrificing anything in your education, other than the cost of traditional books.


Available whenever and wherever.

Because Z-Degree textbooks are OER digital files, you can access them 24/7 whenever and wherever you want. No need to worry if you have your textbooks with you, if you have your phone, tablet or computer – you’re covered.


Z-Degree by the numbers.

Savings on the cost of education.

Reduce the financial commitment of attending college. Northland is eliminating the obstacle of textbook costs, allowing you to avoid additional debt and extra financial burdens.

Saved while earning your A.A. degree.

Use that $2,000 in savings towards rent, a car payment or however you want. We know college can be expensive, with removing textbook costs you keep more of your money.

Z-Degree program classes.

The majority of programs at Northland have some Z-Degree courses. Even if the Associate of Arts isn't your current degree plan, Z-Degree courses still offer the opportunity to save money.


Everything you need to know.

About Z-Degree

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Looking for additional information around Z-Degree or would like to discuss Z-Degree details with our admissions team? We’re here to help assist you and reduce the obstacles along your path to a college degree.

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